Whirlpool Antibacterial Anti-Odour Filter for Fridge 481248048172

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Product Description:

Whirlpool Fridge Antibacterial Filter 481248048172

Genuine whirlpool fridge freezer antibacterial filter

Part number 481248048172

Whirlpool American fridge Microban air filter filters the air inside your fridge keeping stale smells and suchlike in check as well as removing allergens and particulates.

Microban active ingredients are incorporated into the polymer structure of the air filter during manufacture. They are evenly distributed throughout the fibers of the entire surface area and deep within the filter.

Proven effective against: Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli 0157, Salmonella enteritidis, Aspergillus niger.

The Microban air filter in your Whirlpool fridge freezer should be changed every six months

Fits the following models


20FB-L4/A, 20RB-D1L, 20RB-D1L, 20RB-D3J, 20RB-D3J, 20RB-D3L, 20RB-D3L, 20RB-D3SF, 20RB-D3SF, 20RB-D4APT, 20RB-D4LA, 20RI-D1L, 20RI-D1L, 20RI-D3J, 20RI-D3J, 20RI-D3LWP, 20RI-D3LWP, 20RI-D3SF, 20RI-D4APT, 20RI-D4ESPRESSO, 20RU-D1L, 20RU-D1L, 20RU-D3J, 20RU-D3JJ, 20RU-D3JJ, 20RU-D3L, 20RU-D3L, 20RU-D3L, 20RU-D3SF, 20RU-D3SS, 20RU-D4APT, 20RW-D3SF, 20SI-L4APG, 20TB-L4A, 20TM-L4A, 25RI-D4APT, 25RI-D4PT, ARC1848, ARC185AQUA, ARC1888/IX, ARC4000, ARC4000, ARC4100, ARC4100, ARC4110, ARC4110, ARC6706/IX, ARC6706/IX, ARC7451, ARC7451, ARC7451, ARC7451, ARC7451/1, ARC7451/1, ARC7451/1, ARC7453, ARC7453, ARC7453, ARC7453, ARC7453/1, ARC7453/1, ARC7453/1, ARC7453/1, ARC7453/1IS, ARC7453/1IS, ARC7453/1IS, ARC7453/1NBS, ARC7453/IS, ARC7453/IS, ARC7453/IS, ARC7453/IS, ARC7453/IS, ARC7472, ARC7472, ARC7472, ARC7472, ARC7472, ARC7472/AL, ARC7472/AL, ARC7472/AL, ARC7472/IX, ARC7472/IX, ARC7472/IX, ARC7472/IX, ARC7472AL, ARC7510, ARC7517, ARC7517, ARC7517/IS, ARC7517/IS, ARC7517/IS, ARC7518, ARC7518, ARC7518/IX, ARC7518IS, ARC7518IS, ARC7518IX, ARC7550/IX, ARC7550/IX, ARC7550/IX, ARC7550/IX, ARC7550/IX, ARC7558/IXAQUA, ARC7559IXAQUA, ARC7559IXAQUA, ARC7593, ARC7593, ARC7593, ARC7593/1, ARC7593/1, ARC7593/1, ARC7593/1, ARC7593/1, ARC7593/1IS, ARC7593/1IS, ARC7593/1IS, ARC7593/1IS, ARC7593/1IS, ARC7593/IS, ARC7593/IS, ARC7593/IS, ARC7612, ARC7612, ARC7612, ARC7612/AL, ARC7612/AL, ARC7612/AL, ARC7650, ARC7650, ARC7650, ARC7650/AL, ARC7650/IX, ARC7650/IX, ARC8009IX, ARG912, ART495/NF, ARZ001/A, FFWW2VAF20/0, FRBB2VAF20/0, FRBB36AF20/2, FRSB36AF20/2, FRSS2VAF20/0, FRUU2VAF20/0, FRWW2VAF20/0, FTSB36AF20/3, GRBB20/0L, GRBB2V20/0, GRSS20/0L, GRSS2V20/0WP, GRUU2V20/0, S20E20BIL4A, WBC3525NFS, WBC3525NFW, WBC3525NFW, WBC3546FCX, WM1624AW, WM1649WAQUA, WSC5313N, WSC5313N, WSC5533AX, WSC5553AN, WSC5553AX, WSC5555AN, WSC5555AX,

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