VacuumCleaner Brushroll BrushRoll Beater Bar Electrolux Zanussi Models

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Product Description:

Vacuum Cleaner Brushroll Brush Roll Beater Bar For Electrolux & Zanussi Models

Compatible Electrolux & Zanussi Vacuum Cleaner Brushroll Bar

Equivalent to Part Number: 506005873001

12" Length brush bar

Fits the following models:
4623, 4645, 4646, 4648, 900252395, 900252396, AGITATOR, B4392, BOSS CYCLONE, BRUSHBAR, CYCLONE POWER, CYCLONE POWER LITE, CYCLONE POWER MAX, CYCLONE POWER PLUS, CYCLONE POWER ULTIMA, GLIDER, HARMONY LINE, HILIGHT, MEGA POWER, POWERLINE, POWERLITE, ROLLER, STAIRMASTER, VELOCITY, VITESSE, Z1062, Z1080 The Boss, Z1082, Z1352, Z1358, Z1358 The Boss, Z1359, Z1359 The Boss, Z1360, Z1361, Z1362, Z1362 The Boss, Z1363 Powerline, Z1364 Powerline, Z1368, Z1370, Z1371 Powerline, Z1373, Z1375, Z1376, Z1376 Cyclone Power, Z1379, Z1379 Cyclone Power, Z1610 Microlite, Z1630 Microlite, Z1661 Tango, Z1800 Lite, Z1810, Z1830, Z1840, Z1850, Z1854 Tango, Z1855 Tango, Z1856 Chic, Z1858 Samba, Z1859 Chic, Z1860 Chic, Z1863 Chic, Z1865 Prestige, Z1867 Classic, Z2040AZ, Z2250A Powerlite, Z2255, Z2901 Hilight, Z2905 Hilight, Z2910, Z2911 Hilight, Z2915 Hilight, Z2920 Hilight, Z2925 Hilight, Z2927, Z2927B, Z2930 Velocity, Z4383, Z4384, Z4385, Z4386, Z4386 Cyclone Power, Z4387, Z4388, Z4390, Z4393 Cyclone Power Lite, Z4622, Z4623, Z4645, Z4646, Z4648, Z4680, Z4682, Z4683, Z4684, Z4700, Z4700A, Z4701A, Z4702A, Z4703AZ, Z5500 Cyclone Power Max, Z5501, Z5505 Cyclone Power Max, Z5506, Z5510 Cyclone Power Max, Z5510A Cyclone Power Max, Z5600A Cyclone Power Ultima, Z5605AZ Cyclone Power Ultima, Z5705, Z5710, Z5740 Harmony Line Glider, Z5740A, Z5747 Harmony Line Glider, Z5747A, Z5749 Harmony Line Glider, Z5755, Z5755AVZ

Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers’ names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

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Specific models stated in the listing are potential matches only and NOT a guarantee of compatibility. Even if two pieces of equipment share the same year/make/model, they can and often do have different part numbers.

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