Tumble Dryer Riveted Drum Shaft Repair Kit Hotpoint Indesit Ariston

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Product Description:

Tumble Dryer Riveted Drum Shaft Repair Kit For Hotpoint Indesit Creda Ariston

Compatible Hotpoint - Indesit - Creda - Ariston tumble dryer drum repair kit

Equivalent to part number - C00305794

Kit contains

6 x Torx screws

6 x Nuts

1 x Teardrop bearing

1 x Drive pin

1 x Leaflet

1 x Rear plate

Fits the following models

AAQCF 81 U (EE), AAQCF 81 U (FR), AAQCF 81 U (IT), AAQCF 81 U (WE), AAQCF81UUK, ADE 70 C (FR), ADE 70 CX (FR), ALE 70 C (FR), ALE 70 CX (FR), AQC8 1F7 T1/N (EU), AQC8 2F7 TM1 (EU), AQC8 3F5 T/Z1 (IT), AQC8 BF7 T1/ (FR), AQC9 2F7 TM2 1 (EU), AQC9 4F5 T/Z1 (EU), AQC9 4F5 T/Z1 (FR), AQC9 4F5 T/Z1 (IT), AQC9 6F7 TM (TK), AQC9 6F7 TM1 (EU), AQC9 BF5 T/Z1 (FR), AQC9 BF7 S1 (EX), AQC9 BF7 T1 (AG), AQC9 BF7 T1 (EX), AQC94F5EZ1UK, AQC94F7EM1UK, AQC9BF7E1UK, AQC9BF7I1UK, AQC9BF7S1UK, AS 600 VX (FR), AS 70 C (EX), AS 70 CX (EX), AS60 V (AG), AS600V (EX), AS600V (KW), AS600V EX 60, AS600VX (AG), AS700V (EX), AS700V (EX) 60 HZ, AS700VX (AG), ASD 70 C (EX), ASD 70 CX (EX), ASL 70 C (SK), CDN7000PUK, CTD00G, CTD00P, CTD00T, CTD40G, CTD40P, CTD40T, CTD80G, CTD80P, CTD80T, CTD85A, FETV60CPUK, HPD 8416 (AT), HPD 8416 (CH), IDC 73 (EU), IDC 75 (EU), IDC 75 (FR), IDC 75 (SK), IDC 75 S (FR), IDC75SUK, IDC75UK, IDCA 735 (EU), IDCA 735 (FR), IDCA 735 (IT), IDCA 735 B (EU), IDCA 735 ECO (EU), IDCA 735 S(EU), IDCA 745 B ECO (IT), IDCA 745 B H (IT), IDCA 835 B (DE), IDCA 835 B (EU), IDCA 835 B (FR), IDCA 835 B (IT), IDCA 835 B (SK), IDCA 835 B S (FR), IDCA 845 A ECO (EU), IDCA 845 A ECO (IT), IDCA G35 (FR), IDCA G35 B (EU), IDCA G35 B (FR), IDCA G35 B ECO (EU), IDCA G35 ECO (EU), IDCA G35 S ECO (EU), IDCA G55 B ECO (IT), IDCA G55 B H (IT), IDCA H G35 B (FR), IDCA735BHUK, IDCA735UK, IDCA7H35BTMU, IDCA8350BECO, IDCA8350BHUK, IDCA8350UK, IDCA835UK, IDCE 845 A ECO (EU), IDCE 845 A ECO (IT), IDCE 845 B (EU), IDCE 845 B (IT), IDCE 845 B (SK), IDCE 845 B S (FR), IDCE 845 X A ECO(NL), IDCE 8454 A ECO (EU), IDCE 8454 A ECO(IT), IDCE 8454X A ECO(EU), IDCE 8454X A PS (NL), IDCE G45 B (EU), IDCE G45 B (FR), IDCE G45 B H (EU), IDCE G45X B H PS(NL), IDCE H G45 B (FR), IDCE7H35BTMU, IDCE8450BHUK, IDCE8450BKHU, IDCE8450BKUK, IDCE8450BSHU, IDCE8450BSUK, IDCE8450BUK, IDCE845AECO, IDCE845SUK, IDCE845UK, IDCL 75 B H (EU), IDCL 75 B H (IT), IDCL G5 B H (EU), IDCL G5 B HR (DE), IDCL85BHUK, IDPA 745 A ECO (EU), IDPA 745 A ECO (IT), IDPE G45 A ECO (EU), IDPE G45 A1 ECO (EU), IDPE G45 A1 ECO (IT), IDPE G45X A1 ECO(EU), IDPE845A1ECO, IDV 65 (EU), IDV 65 (FR), IDV 75 (AG), IDV 75 (EU), IDV 75 (EX) 60HZ, IDV 75 (FR), IDV 75 (KW), IDV 75 S (EX) 60HZ, IDVA 735 (FR), IDVA 735 X (AUS), IDVA 835 (EU), IDVA735SUK, IDVA735UK, IDVL 75 B (FR), IDVL75BRUK, IS 60 V (AG), IS 61 C (FR), IS 70 C (EX), IS 70 C (SK), IS60V, IS60V (AUS A), IS60VS, IS60VU, IS61C (EX), IS61C (SK), IS70C, IS70C (FR), IS70CS, ISA60V (FR), ISA60VUK, ISL 65 C (EX), ISL 70 C (EX), ISL 70 C (NL), ISL 70 C (SK), ISL 70 CS (EX), ISL 70 CSW (SK), ISL 70 CX (DE), ISL60V, ISL70C, STCL408BUK, STV407WUK, TCAM80CGZUK, TCAM80CPZUK, TCD 77B 6H (EU), TCD 833 6H/Z1 (IT), TCD 833 6P/Z1(SK), TCD 83B 6H/Z (EU), TCD 83B 6K/Z (EU), TCD 83B 6P/Z (SK), TCD 851 AX (EU), TCD 871 6C1 (EU), TCD 871 6HY1 (EU), TCD 874 6H1 (EU, TCD 934 6C/Z1 (IT), TCD 93B 6H/Z (EU), TCD 93B 6H/Z1 (EU), TCD 971 6CY1 (EU), TCD 974 6C1 (IT), TCD 97B 6H (EU), TCD 97B 6HY/N (EU), TCD G51 AX (EU), TCD G51 XB (FR), TCDET77BEPUK, TCEL87B6AUK, TCEL87B6GUK, TCEL87B6PUK, TCF 87B 6H (EU), TCF 87B 6H1 (AUS), TCF 87B 6HY/N (EU), TCF 87B 6PY1 (EU), TCF 87B 6S1 (FR), TCF 97B 6H1 (EX), TCF 97B 6HY (EU), TCF 97B 6S1 (EX), TCF 97B 6XX1 (EX), TCF 97C 6H1 (AG), TCFG87C6GUK, TCFG87C6KUK, TCFG87C6PUK, TCFM80CGPUK, TCFS73BGGUK, TCFS73BGPUK, TCFS83BGGUK, TCFS83BGPUK, TCFS93BGGUK, TCFS93BGPUK, TCHL73CRGUK, TCHL73CRPUK, TCHL83CRPUK, TCL 73B 6P/Z (IT), TCL 83B 6P/Z (EU), TCL 87B 6H (EU), TCL 87B 6P (TK), TCL 93B 6H/Z1 (FR), TCL G31 XB (FR), TCL780P, TCLY 97B 6H (FR), TCM570G, TCM570P, TCM80C 6P (EX) 60HZ, TCR2, TCS 83B GH (FR), TCS 93B GH (FR), TCS3, TCUD93B6GZUK, TCUD93B6KZUK, TCUD93B6PZUK, TCUD97B6GMUK, TCUD97B6HMUK, TCUD97B6KMUK, TCUD97B6PMUK, TCYL757C6GUK, TCYL757C6PUK, TVAL73C6GZUK, TVAL73C6PZUK, TVAL73CGZUK, TVAL73CPZUK, TVAM70CGZUK, TVAM70CPZUK, TVEL75B6AUK, TVEL75C6GUK, TVEL75C6PUK, TVEM70C6GUK, TVEM70C6PUK, TVF 75C 6H1 (AUS), TVF 85C 6H (EX), TVF 85C 6S (KW), TVF 85C P (SK), TVFET75B6PUK, TVFG65B6GUK, TVFG65B6PUK, TVFG65C6GUK, TVFG65C6PUK, TVFG85C6GUK, TVFG85C6KUK, TVFG85C6PUK, TVFM60B6GUK, TVFM60C6GUK, TVFM60C6PUK, TVFS73BGGUK, TVFS83CGGUK, TVFS83CGPUK, TVHM80CGUK, TVHM80CPUK, TVM 631 X (FR), TVM560G, TVM560P, TVM562G, TVM562P, TVM570G, TVM570P, TVM572G, TVM572P, TVM631 EU/HA, TVYL655C6GUK, TVYL655C6PUK, TVYM650C6PUK, VTD00G, VTD00P, VTD00T, VTD20G, VTD20P, VTD20T, VTD6000PUK, VTD60G, VTD60P, VTD60T

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