Vax U87-VU-PF V2200U Pet Family HEPA Filter with 5 Air Fresheners

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Product Description:

Replacement Filter & Air Fresheners to fit Vax Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One Hepa Filter

Five perfumed bag freshener sticks

Air freshener sticks with Ocean Fresh Scent

Just place into your dust bin or with the exhaust filter and the freshener stick gets to work straight away, releasing fragrance into the airflow and out of the machine to breathe freshness into your home without overpowering it

Refreshing and long lasting Pink Flower Fresh Scent scented fragrance

Vax POWER 3 4 5 & 6 V-006 Turboforce, V-006B Turboforce, V-006L Turboforce Lite, Vax V-006N Turboforce, V-041 Everyday Turbo, Vax V-041S Everyday Turbo, Vax V-042 Everyday Upright, Vax 1400 , VS-18U Big Bubble, VS-181T Big Bubble Family, VS-183 Big Bubble Pet, VS-18Y Big Bubble, , VS-191 Swift HEPA, VS191T Swift HEPA TurboTool, Vax VS-193ST Swift Turbo, , , VS-19TL Turboforce Lite, VS-19TS Swift Pet, Vax VS-19RU Swift, Vax VS-19BU Swift, Vax VS-19TLT Turboforce Lite, Vax V-006U Turboforce Ultra, Vax VS-19U Swift, V-006X Turboforce Xtra, VS-193S Swift Turbo, Vax V-060 Turboforce, Vax V-060C Turboforce Complete, Vax V-060P Turboforce Pet, Vax V-060R Turboforce Reach, Vax V-060U Turboforce Ultra, Vax V-060A Turboforce, V-008 Performance, Vax V-008SP Performance Self Propelled, VS-19S Swift Allergy, Vax VS-190 Swift, Vax VS-190U Swift Ultra, Vax VS-190R Swift Reach, Vax VS-190C Swift Complete, Vax VS-190P Swift Pet, Vax V-008U Performance , vax V-041P Ultrixx Pet

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