Ovation Multifunctional Food Processor 1000W, w/ 10 Attachments 2.5L

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Product Description:

Ovation Multifunctional Food Processor, 1000W, Includes 10 Attachments, 2.5L

The latest in multifunctional kitchen accessories: 2.4L Processor, 1.5L Glass Blending Jug with measurements, grater blades, slicer, kneading blade, grinder attachment and more
Powerful 1000W motor with various speed controls and pulse function - optimum control when you need it most
Safety lock system and innovative suction-cup feet for maximum stability and peace of mind
Finished with high-quality stainless steel housing to increase longevity

Matching style and efficiency with affordability, the Ovation Multifunctional Food Processor is the latest must-have accessory for any kitchen. From small households, to those who cater for larger crowds, this innovative appliance is all you need to master any kitchen task.

Boasting a powerful 1000W motor and stainless steel housing to increase longevity, this astounding machine also includes:

2.5L Processor Bowl - including a feed chute to make it easy to add in more ingredients or feed in your vegetables for cutting.
1.5L Glass Blender - with measurements moulded onto the jug, making quick work of blending soups, smoothies and more is easy.
Grinder Attachment - from coffee beans, nuts and spices, to pesto, dips and even baby food, this handy attachment is perfect for those smaller portions.
Fine and Coarse Grater Blades - choose exactly what size you want your ingredients with ease.
Slicer Blade - make quick work of slicing your ingredients; perfect for making dauphinoise potatoes or your own healthy crisps.
Kneading Blade - take the effort out of mixing dough for bread, pizzas, pastry and more.
Julienne Blade - make slicing those vegetables into handy batons faster than ever.
Chopping Blade - cut the lengthy hand chopping time from recipes from minutes to seconds.
Plastic Spatula - designed specifically to aid scraping out those pesky pieces and sticky sauces; or for you to eat the leftovers with!

Ovation, designed with you in mind.

Please note: this product will not be supplied to customers under the age of eighteen.

Includes above accessories
Base weighs 2.3kg
Base: 23 x 23 x 18cm (W x D x H)