Ovation 450W Active Personal Blender Smoothie Maker + Mason Jar Cup

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Product Description:

Ovation 450W Active Personal Blender Smoothie Maker with Mason Jar & Sports Cup

The Ovation Personal Blender with Mason Jar is the answer to all your cold beverage needs. Powered by an impressive 450W, the AC motor (with 21,000RPM) allows this blender to pack a punch into its sleek design. Whether you want to make quick work of crushed ice for summer cocktails, or blitz through fruits and yoghurt for a decadent smoothie, this blender has all you need. If a post-gym protein shake is your drink of choice, the 600ml sports cup is designed to make things easy - simply add the mix and the liquid, blend, and go! The blending occurs at the top of the bottle, so you don't have to deal with that residue powder stuck at the bottom of the bottle - sorted!

Ovation, designed with you in mind


450W motor




600ml sports cup

500ml mason jar

Anti-slip silicon feet

High-powered 4 blade extractor

Dishwasher safe cups, blades and lids

Ovation personal blender which is ideal for creating cocktails, smoothies, healthy protein shakes and more.


1 x mason jar, 1 x sports cup, 1 x mason jar lid, 1 x sports cup lid, 1 x mason jar blending blade, 1 x sports cup blending blade and blender base.