Multipanel Shower Wall Panel Blizzard 2400 x 900mm Unlipped Waterproof

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Product Description:

Blizzard Bathroom Wall Panel

Features and Benefits:
• Stylish and practical
• 2400 x 900mm
• 9mm waterproof plywood
• Blizzard design with a gloss finish
• White, flecked with studs of silver and other colours
• Unlipped edges
• Easy to cut, install and maintain
• Made in Britain
• Directly shipped from the manufacturer to you

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What’s Included:
• 1 x Multipanel Classic Bathroom Wall Panel Blizzard Unlipped 2400 x 900mm

This décor has a gloss finish.

Tiled bathrooms might once have been the accepted way of doing things, but there’s a new trend in town and it’s here to stay. Multipanel’s innovative technology eliminates the need for grout altogether, making them far easier to install and virtually effortless to maintain. With this Blizzard design, you can achieve supreme serenity and maximum style in your bathroom, all in no time at all and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Using 9mm waterproof plywood at their core, these versatile panels are a sturdy but flexible alternative to traditional methods of decoration. Like all other products in the Classics range, the Blizzard panel is bonded with a high-pressure decorative laminate on its surface and features a simple white design, flecked with studs of silver and other colours to produce a subtly stylish effect. Available in gloss or vanity finishes, these panels are sure to bring a touch of class to any bathroom.

Rather than involving a complicated grouting process, the panels can be simply bonded to your wall, cutting down installation times by as much as 75%. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain, since there are no awkward joints where mould, dirt or other grime can fester. Instead, all that’s needed is a single wipe with a clean, damp cloth (using perhaps a mild detergent) and the panels will return to their original arresting lustre.

All panels are 2,400mm in length, but there are different widths available to suit different bathroom needs. Those looking to panel a smaller space can opt for the 598mm option, a larger space may require a 900mm-wide panel and the biggest bathroom can be accommodated for with a 1,200mm panel. If that still won’t cover your needs, simply make use of Multipanel’s internal profiles and joining tools to create a seamless union – the unlipped edges make any join a doddle.

The manufacturer recommends that all panels are given at least 48 hours to acclimatise to room temperature before being installed, especially if they have been stored in colder locations beforehand. They should also not be rested at an angle to walls or between supporting structures as it can compromise their integrity.

• Stylish, practical and cost-effective alternative to tiling
• Blizzard design evokes serenity of snowstorm with flashes of brilliant colour
• Unlipped edges allow for variety of fitting options
• Easy to cut, install and maintain
• Available in three sizes to meet needs of any bathroom
• 15-year warranty on all purchases

Please Note: This is directly shipped from the manufacturer to you.

Easy Installation
• Save money on your plumber or save time for yourself.
• Multipanel’s are up to 75% quicker to install then ordinary tiles meaning you can get your bathroom back to full use faster.

Easy Cleaning
• No grout lines and large flat surface areas make these panels a dream to clean when compared with tiles.
• Say goodbye to your industrial mould cleaners and to serious arm ache!

Made In Britain
• Multipanel are proud to say that their products are designed and manufactured in their high tech factory right here UK.
• Help show your support for British jobs and workers with Multipanel.

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