Miele 35mm Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Tool Brush Original Quality

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Product Description:

Compatible Vacuum Cleaner 35mm Dusting Brush

Designed In The UK Exclusively For L M Electrical

(Quality Guaranteed)

Fits the following models

30 Anniversery Sverige, Active Hepa, Active Hepa Deluxe, Active Medical S578, Active Medical Team, Active Team, Allergotec 2000, Allergy Control 2000, Allergy Control 2200, Allergy Control Plus, Allergy Control Plus S140, Allergy Control/Plus S300, Allergy Control/Plus S400, Allergy Control/Plus S500, Allergy Control/Plus S600, Allergy Control/Plus S700, Allergy Control/Plus S800, Allergy Hepa 1800, Allergy Hepa 4000, Allergy Hepa 700, Allergy Hepa Mini, Allergy Hepa Mini 1400, Allergy Hepa Plus S718, Allergy Stop, Allervac Hepa Plus, Allervac S400, Allervac S600, Allervac S700, Allervac S718, Allervac S800, Allervac Sensor, Allervac Sensor 5000, Alu Limited Edition, Alu Magic, Aluminium, Amaranth, Ambiente, Ambiente Plus, Ambiente S5580, Anniversario, Anniversary 100 S250, Anniversary 100 S300, Argento, Artico, Automatic Hepa 5000, Automatic S744, Automatic TT 5000, Baby Care S4, Big Cat & Dog S836, Black Diamond, Black Jewel, Black Magic, Black Pearl 2000, Black Pearl 5000, Black Pearl S711, Blue Magic, Blue Magic 2000, Blue Moon, Blue Moon Plus, Blue Star, Blue Vert, Brilliant 1300, Brilliant 2400, Brilliant 3500, Brilliant 4500, Brilliant 5600, Brilliant 6600, Brilliant 7600 - S711, Brilliant 8600 - S826, Brilliant HS, Calypso, Capri, Caramel 700, Care HEPA, Caribic, Cat & Dog 2000, Cat & Dog 2000, Cat & Dog 2200, Cat & Dog 4000, Cat & Dog 500, Cat & Dog 5000 - S5, Cat & Dog 700, Cat & Dog 800, Cat & Dog Extra 700, Cat & Dog Max, Cat & Dog Max 2000, Cat & Dog Mini 1500, Cat & Dog Plus, Cat & Dog Plus - S5, Cat & Dog TT, Cat & Dog TT 2000, Cat & Dog TT 5000, Cat and Dog, Cat and Dog, Celebration, Champagne, CHS700, Classic, Clean Control, Clean Parkett, Cleanteam, Cleanteam - S700, Cleanteam - S718, Cleanteam 500, Cleanteam 500 Plus, Cleanteam Plus, Comfort Care, Comfort Deluxe 5000, Commodore, Cosmos, Crystal, De Luxe, Divani, Divani & Co, Divani & Co 700, Divani 700 - S712, Electronic 1200, Electronic 1400, Electronic 1400 - S163, Electronic 1800, Electronic 2000, Electronic 2200, Electronic 2500, Electronic 2900, Electronic 3000, Electronic 3100, Electronic 3200, Electronic 3300, Electronic 3400, Electronic 3500, Electronic 3600, Electronic 3700, Electronic 3800, Electronic 3850, Electronic 3900, Electronic 4100, Electronic 4300, Electronic 5100, Electronic 5200, Electronic 5700, Electronic 6100, Electronic 700, Electronic 7100, Electronic 8100, Electronic 850, Electronic HEPA, Electronic S7000, Electronic Soft touch, Electronic Softtouch, Elna Allergy Control, Elna Cat & Dog, Espirit, Euroclassic 2000, Euroclassic 2100, Euroclassic 2200, Euroclassic 3300, Europa, Eurostar - S250, Eurostar - S290, Eurostar - S300, Excel Human - S400, Excel Human - S600, Exclusive - S250, Exclusive - S290, Exclusive - S300, Exclusive - S500, Expert - S250, Expert - S300, Expert 1500, Exquisit C, Exquisit GTI, Exquisit HE, Exquisit HS, Exquisit M, Exquisit N, Exquisit SE - S250, Exquisit SE - S400, Exquisit XE, Exquisit XS, Festival, Filtrationguard, Finlandia, Flamenco, Flamenco 2000, Flamenco II, Floorcare, Free Time Cherry, Free Time Fresh, Free Time Lagoon, Fuschsia, Gala, Gallery Tappeti, Gold - S300, Gold - S500, Gold - S700, Gold 2000, Gold Horizont, Gold Metallic Power, Graphito, Green Magic, Green Magic 2000, Grunes Kreuz, Hard Floor, Haus & Co, Haus & Co 5000 - S5, Haus & Co 700, HEPA, Hepa Filter, Hepa Mini 1400, Hygenic Power 1600, Hygienic Power, Indian Summer, Indigo, Indigo Extra Power 2300, Indigo Power 2300, Indigo Xtra Power 2100, Jazz, Jazz Plus, Jubilee, Jubileum, Limited Edition - S711, Magic Blue 700, Magic Mint 700, Matchwinner, Medic Air 800, Medic Air Plus, Medic Air Plus - S4, Medic Air S700 Plus, Medic Air S800 Plus, Medicair 4000 Plus, Medicair 700, Medicair 800, Medicair Mini 1600, Medicair Mini 1600, Medicair Plus, Medicair Plus - 5000, Medicair Plus - CH, Medicair Plus - CH S700, Medicair Plus - S700, Medicair Plus - S800, Medivac - S300, Medivac - S400, Medivac - S500, Mercury, Meteor, Meteor 100, Meteor A, Meteor BL, Meteor BXL, Meteor C, Meteor G, Meteor GT, Meteor H, Meteor I, Meteor M, Meteor ME, Meteor Plus, Meteor S, Meteor SE, Meteor SL, Meteor XL, Mixturia, Mondia 1200, Mondia 1500, Mondia Boden, Mondia C, Mondia D, Mondia Hand, Mondia HS, Mondia JS, Mondia LX, Mondia M, Mondia MX, Mondia N, Mondia RS, Mondia S, Mondia SX, Mondia TS, Monte Verde, Moonlight, Mystic Grey, Naturell, Naturell S246, Noblesse, Novostar, Oceanito, Omnia, Omnia Mini, Omnia Mini 1600, Omnia Plus , Omnia Silence Plus, Opal, Parkett & Co - S4, Parkett & Co 1800, Parkett & Co 2000, Parkett & Co 500, Parkett & Co 5000, Parkett & Co 700, Parkett & Co 800, Parkett & Co Mini, Parkett & Co Plus, Parkett & Co S371, Parkett + Co Mini, Parkett + Co Plus, Parkett HEPA 1500, Parkett Mini 1400, Parkett S711, Parkett Team, Parquet & Co Plus, Parquet 1500, Parquet 2000, Parquet 2200, Parquet 500, Parquet 700, Parquet 800, Parquet S4, Parquet S500, Parquet S700, Passion, Pastelito, Pearl Metallic Power, Peppermint, Peppermint Plus, Performance 2100, Performance 2300, Performance 2500, Platinum, Platinum Metallic Power, Platinum Silence, Plus, Power, Power 1500, Power 1600, Power 1800, Power Max, Powermax, Premium, Premium 5000, Primavera - S4, Primavera - S5, Primavera S712, Profi, Raffinesse, Red Magic, Red Moon, Red Passion - CH, Red Star, Red Velvet, Red Zac, Revolution, Revolution 2000, Revolution 500, Revolution 5000, Revolution 600, Revolution 700, Revolution Power Plus, Rosito, Rubin 1400i, Ruby, S125 - S138 Series, S140 - S157 Series, S160 - S169 Series, S180 - S204 Series, S217 - S226 Series, S227i - S240 Series, S241 - S256 Series, S269i - S282i Series, S290 - S299 Series, S300i - S399 Series, S4 Series, S4 Turbo, S4000 - S4999 Series, S400i - S499i Series, S4210, S4510, S4780, S5 Series, S5000 - S5999 Series, S571, S600 - S699 Series, S700 - S799 Series, S716, S718, S758, S800 - S899 Series, Salsa, Samba S270, Samba S300, Sapphire, Senator 1300, Senator 1400 C Special, Senator 1500 C, Senator 1600 CL, Senator 1600 SL, Senator Automatic, Senator Boden, Senator C, Senator CL, Senator CS, Senator G, Senator GL, Senator GL Automatic, Senator Hand, Senator LX, Senator Parquet, Senator Plus, Senator S, Senator SE, Senator SL, Seventy Five, Siena, Silver, Silver Magic, Silver Moon, Silver Power, Silver Shadow, Silverstar - S280, Silverstar - S300, Silverstar - S400, Sinna, Smaragd, Smaragd Plus, Soft Blue 700, Soft Green 700, Soft Red, Soft Red 2300, Soft Satin - S846, Soft Satin Silver, Soft Silver, Soft Silver 700, Solaris, Solaris Electro +, Solaris Electro Plus, Solaris Turbo +, Solaris Turbo Plus, Solution 2000, Solution 500, Solution Hepa 2000, Solution Hepa 5000, Solution Hepa 700, Solution Hepa TT , Solution Plus, Sonata, Special, Special Turbo, Standard, Starlight, Summertime, Sunflower (3 Wheels), Sunflower (4 Wheels), Sunshine, Superior 1400, Superior 1450, Superior 1500, Superior 1550, Superior 1600, Tango Plus, The Alternative, The Solution 500, Titanium, Top Model, Topas Plus, Torino, Total Care, Total Care 2000, Total Care 5000, Tropic, Turbo, Turbopower 2300, Turbopower 2500, Turbostar 300, Turboteam 2000, Turboteam 300, Turboteam 700, Turboteam Plus, Type B, Type D, Type E, Type F / J / M, Type G / N, Type H, Type K, Venezia, Weltstar 1200, Weltstar 1400, Weltstar 2100, White Pearl, White Pearl 300, White Star - S250, White Star - S300, Wildrose, XTRA Power 2100, XTRA Power 2100 XL, XTRA Power 2300, XTRA Power 2500, XTRA Power XXL, XXL - S812, XXL 2000, XXL Care Hepa, Young Style:

Universal Also Fits Many Other 35mm Extension Rods

Bauknecht, Bosch, Cleanfix, Eio, Electroma, Fam, Ghibli, Hotpoint, Jeyes, Krups, Mastervac, Moulinex, National, Nilco, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Soteco, Truvox, Victor

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It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

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