Low Power Radiator Fan Eco Energy Single Double Grill Top Heaters

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Product Description:

Low Power Radiator Fan Eco Energy Single Double Grill Top & Convention Heaters

4YourHome Energy Saving Electric Radiator Fan complete with 3m Long cable & plug

Powerful, but efficient, this electric radiator fan runs off 12W and is the perfect way to boost the effect of radiators in your home. Thanks to its magnetic feet, this radiator fan sits securely atop your radiator and circulates the warm air around the room to ensure an even heat distribution. Low-energy and cheap to run - costing only 4p* per day

Whats more, the innovative design allows for this fan to fit on top of most conventional radiators including those with a single panel, a double panel, a single panel with convector, a double panel with convector, or a radiator with a double panel with double convector and/or grill top

Product details
• Easily circulate warm air around your room
• High & Low power switch to control fan speed
• Low-energy and cheap to run costing only 4.43p* per day!
• High-grade material with magnetic feet to securely attach to any radiator
• Simple self-installation
• An ideal alternative to expensive electric fan heaters

Please note that this electric fan requires a certain amount of room to sit on top of your radiator. Consult the following measurements to ensure this product is right for you
• Length: 48cm
• Height needed above radiator: 10cm
• Depth needed: 8cm
• Cable length: 3m
• Weight: 1kg

*calculated using the UK Average rate of 15.37p/kwh

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