Hoover Soft Dusting Brush Head With Adaptor Dyson DC05 DC07 DC08 DC11

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Product Description:

Hoover Soft Dusting Brush Tool Head With Adaptor for Dyson DC05, DC07, DC08, DC11

Compatible high quality Dyson vacuum cleaner replacement soft dusting brush

Perfect for getting into those hard to reach places

Soft bristles to gently remove dust and allergens

Felt strip to protect delicate surfaces

Fits models

DC05 Absolute UK , DC05 Absolute+Turbo UK , DC05 Motorhead UK , DC05 MRF+Turbo UK , DC05 Silver/Lime Ireland , DC05 Silver/Lime+Turbo UK, DC05 Silver/Red UK , DC05 Standard UK , DC05 Standard+HFT Ireland, DC07 All Floors UK , DC07 Allergy UK , DC07 Animal UK , DC07 CLIC UK , DC07 Full Gear , DC07 Full Kit , DC07 HEPA (Clutchless) UK, DC07 Low Reach UK , DC07 Origin UK, DC07 Standard (Clutchless, DC07 Tool Kit MO Exclusiv, DC07i (Clutched) UK , DC07i (Clutchless) UK, DC08 Allergy UK , DC08 Allergy+CarpetPro UK, DC08 Animal UK , DC08 Base (Argos Exclusiv, DC08 CarpetPro UK, DC08 Origin UK, DC08 Standard Ireland, DC08 Standard UK, DC08 Tool Kit (MO Exclusi, DC08i UK , DC08T Allergy UK , DC08T Allergy+CarpetPro U, DC08T Animal UK , DC08T Complete, DC08T Standard Ireland , DC08T Standard UK , DC11 All Floors UK , DC11 Allergy UK

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

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