Whirlpool Hotpoint Indesit Grill Pan Complete Handle Rack C00149134

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Product Description:

Genuine Whirlpool Hotpoint & Indesit Grill Pan Complete Handle & Rack C00149134

Genuine Hotpoint replacement grill pan & handle

Part number - C00149134

Genuine Hotpoint part that fits many of other brands

To see if it fits your model please match up the measurements


Pan : 380 x 280 x 40mm

Grid : 340 x 230mm

Fits the following models

10238GMK3, 10250G, 10250G MK2, 10250GMK2, 10251G MK2, 10251GMK2, 10255G MK2, 10255GMK2, 10256G MK2, 10256GMK2, 10258G MK2, 10258GMK2, 10260G MK2, 10260GMK2, 10265G MK2, 10265GMK2, 10266G MK2, 10266GMK2, 10268G MK2, 10268GMK2, 10269G MK2, 10269GMK2, 10538G MK3, 10538GMK3, 20152E, 20155E, 20158E, 20170E, 20175E, 20176E, 28104, 28105, 28106, 28110, 28110N, 28111, 28111N, 28112, 28112N, 28113, 28113N, 28114, 28115, 28141, 281410000L, 28143, 281430000L, 28145, 281450000L, 28147, 281470000L, 28201, 28202, 28203, 28203F, 28205, 28205F, 28206, 28207, 28241, 282410000L, 28243, 282430000L, 28251, 282510000L, 28253, 282530000L, 28301, 28305, 28308, 40073, 40075, 40076, 40077, 40078, 40142, 40143, 45322, 48104, 48105, 48105N, 48106, 48106N, 48107, 48109, 48109N, 48111, 48121, 48122, 48141, 481410000L, 48142, 481420000C, 48143, 481430000L, 48145, 481450000L, 48146, 481460000C, 48147, 481470000L, 48165, 48166, 48171, 48172, 48173, 48174, 48175, 48176, 48177, 48178, 48179, 48180, 48201, 48202, 48203, 48203F, 48204, 48205, 48205F, 48206, 48207, 48241, 482410000L, 48242, 482420000C, 48243, 482430000L, 48245, 482450000L, 48247, 482470000L, 48251, 482510000L, 48253, 482530000L, 48254, 48301, 48302, 48303, 48304, 48305, 48306, 48306R, 48307, 48307R, 48308, 48309, 48313, 48314, 48315, 48317, 483170000L, 48318, 483180000C, 48319, 483190000L, 48321, 48322, 48323, 48325, 48326, 48331, 48332, 48333, 48334, 48335, 48336, 48337, 48339, 48401, 48402, 48403, 48404, 48405, 48406, 48407, 48412, 48413, 484130000L, 48413T, 48414, 484140000L, 48414T, 49221, 49222, 49225, 49226, 49227, 49228, 49425, 49701, 49702, 49703, 49704, 497040000C, 497040000L, 49705, 49706, 49707, 49708, 49708J, 49709, 49711, 49712, 49715, 497150000L, 49721, 49723, 6102, 6102B, 6102P, 6103B, 6103P, 6111, 6111B, 6111P, 6112B, 6112P, 6117, 6117B, 6117P, 6118, 6118B, 6118P, 6162, 6162B, 6162P, 6163, 6163B, 6163P, 6172, 6172B, 6172P, 6173, 6173B, 6173P, 6183, 6183B, 6183P, 61DCW, 61DCW(T), 6525, 6525B, 6525P, 6530, 6530B, 6530P, 6531, 6531B, 6531P, 6535, 6535B, 6535P, 6540, 6540B, 6540P, 6541P, 6590, 6590P MK2, 6590PMK2, 6596, 6596B, 6596B MK2, 6596BMK2, 6596P, 6596P MK2, 6596PMK2, 6D0CK, 6D0CW, 6DOCK, 6DOCW, AHP37X(T), AHP67X(T), ARC60W, ARC60X, BD32B MK2, BD32B MK2(T), BD32BMK2(T), BD32K MK2, BD32K MK2(T), BD32KMK2(T), BD32P MK2, BD32P MK2(T), BD32PMK2(T), BD42SS MK2, BD42SS MK2T, BD42SSMK2T, BD52B MK2, BD52B MK2(T), BD52BMK2(T), BD52K MK2, BD52P MK2, BD52P MK2(T), BD52PMK2(T), BD62SS MK2, BD62SS MK2T, BD62SSMK2T, BS32, BS32B, BS32K, BS32N, BS32P, BS42, BS42B, BS42K, BS42N, BS42P, BS52SS, BS62, BS62B, BS62K, BS62N, BS62P, BS62S, BS72SS, BU72B MK2(T), BU72BMK2(T), BU72K MK2(T), BU72KMK2(T), BU72P MK2(T), BU72PMK2(T), BU82SS MK2T, BU82SSMK2T, C220, C220EC, C220ECH, C220EW, C220EWH, C262, C262EK, C262EKH, C262ES, C262ESH, C262EW, C262EWH, C362, C362EK, C362EKH, C362ES, C362ESH, C362EW, C362EWH, C363, C363EX, C363EXH, C365, C365ED, C365EG, C365EW, C366, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EW, C366EWH, C367, C367EIH, C367EKH, C367EKH(T), C367EWH, C367EWH(T), C367EXH, C367EXH(T), C368EWH, C368EWH(T), C60, C60EKB, C60EKB(T), C60EKK, C60EKK(T), C60EKS, C60EKS(T), C60EKW, C60EKW(T), CANNON, CB43EW, CF50, CF50EG, CF50EW, CF60, CF60EG, CF60EW, CREDA, DB62IXMK2, DE47X, DE47X(T), DE47X1, DE89X1(T), DK6C7EM, DQ47I, DQ47IMK2(T), DQ89I(T), DY46K MK2, DY46K MK2(T), DY46KMK2(T), DY46W MK2, DY46W MK2(T), DY46WMK2(T), DY46X MK2, DY46X MK2(T), DY46XMK2(T), E420EK, E430EK, EDCG61, EDCS51, EDCS51H, EDCW51, EDCW51H, EDCW61, EDHG61, EDHW61, EE50HB, EG72, EG72N MK3, EG72NMK3, EG72P MK3, EG72PMK3, EG72S MK3, EG72SMK3, EG74, EG74G, EG74G(T), EG74P, EG74P(T), EG74X, EG74X(T), EH10P, EH11P, EH12P, EW23ECH, EW23EWH, EW24, EW24ECH, EW24EWH, EW51S, EW52, EW52G, EW52N, EW52P, EW52S, EW52T, EW61, EW61B, EW61P, EW62G, EW62N, EW62P, EW63P, EW71P, EW73, EW73G, EW73P, EW73T, EW74, EW74G, EW74G(T), EW74K, EW74K(T), EW74P, EW74P(T), EW74X, EW74X(T), EW76, EW76X, EW81, EW81G, EW81N, EW81P, EW82, EW82N, EW82P, EW82S, EW83, EW83G, EW83K, EW83P, EW83T, EW84G, EW84G(T), EW84K, EW84K(T), EW84P, EW84P(T), EW84X, EW84X(T), EW85SS, EW86X, EW91, EW91P, EW91S, EW91YS, EW92AL, EW93, EW93G, EW93K, EW93P, EW93T, EW95AL, FDE20, FDE20BK, FDE20IX, FDE20WH, FID20, FID20BK(T), FID20BKMK2, FID20BKMK2T, FID20IX, FID20IX(T), FID20IXMK2, FID20WH, FID20WH(T), FID20WHMK2, FID20WHMK2T, FIDM20IX, FIDM20IX(T), FIDM20IXM2, FIDM20IXM2T, FIU20BKMK2, FIU20IXMK2, FIU20IXMK2T, FIU20WHMK2, FIU20WHMK2T, H150EWH, H250EWH, H251EWH, HOTPOINT, JACKSON, KD3C1EW, KD3CEW, KD3E1EW, KD6C0EW, KD6C35M, KD6C35W, KD6C35W(T), KD6C35X, KD6C35X(T), KD6C7EM, KD6C7EW, KD6C7EX, KD6C8EW, KD6C8EX, KDP60C, KDP60C(T), KP100CX, KT6C3W, N230, N230ED, N230EK, N230EW, R365ER, S130, S130EB, S130EBH, S130EK, S130EKH, S130EW, S130EWH, S130EWHMK2T, S130EX, S130EXH, S130EXHMK2T, S420, S420EB, S420EBH, S420EK, S420EKH, S420EW, S420EWH, S420EX, S420EXH, SCHOLTES, SPC60W, SPC61K, SPC61W, UE47X, UE47X(T), UE47X1, UE47X1 MK2T, UE47X1MK2T, UE89X1(T), UNIVERSAL, UQ47, UQ47I, UQ47I MK2(T), UQ47IMK2(T), UQ47T, UQ89I(T), UY46K MK2(T), UY46KMK2(T), UY46W MK2T, UY46WMK2T, UY46X MK2(T), UY46XMK2(T)

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

Did you check your OEM Part Number?
Specific models stated in the listing are potential matches only and NOT a guarantee of compatibility. Even if two pieces of equipment share the same year/make/model, they can and often do have different part numbers.

The only way to ensure the correct replacement part is with the OEM part number. You are responsible for verifying the OEM part number. If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best best we can.