Genuine Hoover Candy Washing Machine Heater Element 41028717

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Product Description:

Genuine Hoover / Candy Washing Machine Heater Element 41028717

Genuine washing machine heater element

Part number - 41028717

Fits the following models

GO4 107DF-07, DYNS 7104DZG, GOFS272/1-80, OPHS 712B/1, GOFS272S/1, GOFS272B/1-, OPH 716DF/1-, OPH 714DF/1-, CO 146DF/1-8, COS 105F/1 -, GO4 F106/1-1, GO4126-16S, GOFS262/1-80, OPHS 612/1-8, GOFS262S-80, VHDS6143ZD86, GO4146-80, OPH6163D-86S, OPH 616/1-80, GOF662S/1-80, GOF662B/1-80, GO 1262D-12, GO145-86S, OPH 614-86S, VHD 146A/1, GO108-16S, VHD8103D07S, OZ107 D, CO 108F-12S, VHD8116D-37, GO1280DX-37S, VHD822-80, GO 282-80, DYN 8124DZ-3, VHD8143ZDB, GO1480D-86S, OPH714D-80, VHD 842-80, VHD 844DB-80, GO 482-80, OPH714DS1-80, OPH 814-86S, SE 148/1-80, SE 147/1-80, GO F147-01S, WMH147DF/1-8, WMH148DF/1-8, DYN 8144D-84, VHD 147A/1, VHD 148A/1, DYN 8144DB-8, GODF 800/1, HWB 814D-80S, CWB 714D-80S, HJA 8553, CWB 814D-80S, OPHS712DF, GOFS272, OPHS612, GOFS262S/1, GOFS272S, VHD716/1, OPH716DF, OPH616/2, CO106F/2, VHD712/3, GO1272D/1, VHD714/1, GOF472/1, WMH147DF/2, VHD147A, GOF472/3, GOF462/2, OPH714DF, SE147/3, VHD146A/2, OPH614/2, VHD9142D, GO41064D/1, COS105F/1, GO4126, GO41264D, VHDS6143ZD, GO4146, OPH6163D, OPH616, OPH616/1, GOF662, GO106/1, GO126/1, GO1262D, CO126F, GO145, OPH614, GOF462S, GOF462, VHD146A, VHD146A/1, CO0855F, GO108, VHD8103, GO107, OZ107, CO108, GO107/1, GO108/2, VHD8116, VHD8122, GO1282, GO1280DX, GO282/1, VHD822, GO282, VHD822/1, GOF127/2, GO282/2, VHD812/2, DYN8124DZ, DYN8124D, VHD8143DB, VHD8142, GO1482, VHD8143ZD, GO1480D, GO482/1, OPH714D, OPH714D/1, OPH714DS, VHD842, VHD844DB, GO482, OPH714DS1, OPH814, SE147, SE148, SE148/1, SE147/1, GOF147, VHD842/1, OPH147, OPH147/2, OPH714DS/2, OPH714D/2, GO482/2, OPH148, WMH147DF/1, WMH147DF, WMH148DF, WMH148DF/1, SE147/2, DYN8144D, GOF472/2, VHD148A, VHD147A/1, VHD148A/1, GODF800, DYN8144D, CWB714, HWB814D, CWB714D, HJA8553.31003401, 31003543, 31003597, 31003841, 31003970, 31003972, 31003607, 310036097, 31003609, 31003842, 31002891, 31002893, 31001645, 31003594, 31003602, 31003945, 31002247, 31002518, 31002681, 31002855, 31004043, 31004045, 31002986, 31001967, 31002683, 31003442, 31002061, 31002173, 31002531, 31002860, 31002558, 31002147, 31002588, 31002599, 31003270, 31002052, 31002065, 31002503, 31002589, 31002594, 31002600, 31002670, 31002682, 31002868, 31002869, 31002954, 31003258, 31003261, 31003364, 31003441, 31003443, 31003601, 31003787, 31800075, 31800089, 31800096, 31800114

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