Croydex Flexi-Fix Rutland Toilet Seat Soft Close Solid Oak Wood

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Product Description:

Croydex Flexi-Fit Rutland Toilet Seat

Features and Benefits:
• Luxury toilet seat
• Constructed from solid oak
• Warm to the touch
• Comfortable rounded form
• Easy installation
• Unique bracket prevents slipping
• Anti-bacterial surface
• Soft close hinges
• All necessary fixings included

The Croydex Flexi-Fix Rutland Solid Wood Toilet Seat Oak is a luxurious toilet seat. Finely constructed from solid oak wood, this toilet seat feels warm, solid and safe. The smooth rounded surface feels good to the touch, and the natural, elegant style will enhance any bathroom.

The wood used to create this fine toilet seat has an anti-bacterial treated surface which helps to stop the propagation of bacteria like E-Coli, Salmonella, MRSA and Listeria. This unique surface treatment also provides protection against staining and odours, so your Rutland toilet seat will keep looking like new for longer. The quick-release system makes cleaning easy and we recommend using gentle cleaning products to care for your wooden toilet seat. Simply release the hinges, by pushing the chrome button located beneath the rim. Remove the seat and lid to gain access to those hard to reach places for a really thorough clean.

This Croydex toilet seat features a unique universal bracket which makes installation easy. The Flexi-Fix™ system has adjustable hinges to ensure a perfect fit on all standard toilets, whatever the hole spacing. With a hinge adjustment from 11-cm to 20-cm, the fittings of this toilet seat will adapt to fit any style of toilet and provide a secure and stable fit. The special anti-slip pads ensure that this wooden toilet set will never slip or move as you sit down or move. Additionally, these high-tech hinges are chrome plated for a luxurious look. They also have a soft close feature which ensures that the lid of this fine oak toilet seat will never slam shut. The closing of the lid or lowering of the seat is always a gentle, controlled action, which is quiet and safe. This feature is especially appreciated by parents, as children are prone to slamming the toilet lid shut or letting the rim drop with force.

This Rutland wooden toilet seat is designed for comfort and style, as well as providing the greatest care for the health of your family.

Features and benefits:
• Solid oak wood Construction
• Comfortable rounded form
• Easy installation on any standard toilet
• Unique bracket prevents slipping
• Chrome plated hinges with covers
• Soft close hinges prevent slamming
• Anti-bacterial surface to protect your family
• Quick release hinges for easy cleaning
• Includes all necessary fittings
• Hinge adjustment from 11cm to 20cm
• Weight 3.60-kg
• Length 44.5-cm Width 36.5-cm
• Fits pans with lengths from 41.5-cm to 47.5-cm
• Inner ring dimensions. Length 25-cm. Width 21.5-cm

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