Basin Sink Press Top Slotted Waste Quick Clac Chrome Bath Waste Pack

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Product Description:

Basin and Quick Clac Bath Waste Pack

Features and Benefits:
• 1 1/4" Press top slotted basin waste
• Quick clac pop up bath waste
• Both wastes are coated in dazzling chrome
• CE Approved

When it comes to fitting your new sink you don't really tend to think about installing a new waste into your sink, however, we believe that not only is it important for your bathroom to look amazing, but it also needs to function smoothly too. And that is where we come in, This Essentials Bath and Basin Waste Pack ensures that you have everything that you'll need to have your dream bathroom up and running. This pack covers 2 wastes for your bath and basin, allowing an easy process of filling up or draining water, no effort required! Both wastes are coated in a stunning chrome.

1 1/4" Press Top Basin Waste - Slotted

Features and Benefits:
• Clicker Plug - Brass Body
• 1 1/4” BSP x 89mm length x 2 7/16” flange with plastic back nut
• Brass internal mechanism
• Supplied with a stay hole stopper

Quick Clac Pop up Bath Waste
No cable, No pull chain, No rubber plug!
The new Quick Clac resists to over 50 000 openings/closings. The equivalent to 35 years of use for a family of four. It opens and closes simply by pressing the plug with your foot or hand.

Features and Benefits:
• Chrome Quick Clac bath waste
• No more snapped cables - the Quick Clac waste has no connecting cables
• Larger plug that covers more of the waste
• New domed plug design
• Plug is made from high quality ABS
• Resists to over 50,000 openings/closings - Equivalent to 35 years of use
• Quicker flow rate than standard bath wastes
• Easier to open and close than other bath wastes
• Easier installation - the plug clips into place
• Length of pipe: 690mm

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.