Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower 8.5kw Chrome 3 Spray Handset QZE8521

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Product Description:

Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kW Electric Shower

Features and Benefits:
• Optimise your showering experience
• Simplistic controls for the entire family to use
• Striking white & chrome finish
• Separate on/off button
• Over Temperature Protection system
• Heats water on demand
• Shower head has active nozzles
• Choose from 3 spray patterns
• CE Approved

Everything about the Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower is designed to give the simplest and most comfortable experience for the user. It heats water on demand, so there’s no need for a source of stored hot water. It features a tactile and illuminated start/stop button that’s easy for anyone to operate while the temperature dial moves through the temperatures with a smooth gliding motion. It’s all about making sure that having a shower is as easy as possible.

It’s also incredibly safe to use for the entire family, incorporating Aqualisa’s patented Over Temperature Protection system that will flush hot water from the system when you switch the shower off. This ensures there’s never any nasty surprises for the next user, plus it also reduces the risk of limescale development around the internal heating element.

It’s an economically efficient marvel of a shower, and as it’s super-easy to fit, installers will love it too!

Features and benefits:
• Finished in white and chrome.
• Heats water on demand and will work even if the hot water supply in your home has failed.
• Over Temperature Protection system ensures that the shower is safe to use for the next user by flushing hot water from the system before switching off. This also reduces the risk of limescale development.
• When the shower is on a blue indicator light will indicate that the unit is receiving power.
• Simplistic controls so the shower is suitable for everyone. Temperature settings will also be remembered for the next time as they are separate to the on/off button.

Also includes:
• A 3 spray pattern shower head that features active nozzles.
• Shower hose, riser rail, fixings and accessories.

Key technical information:
• Power rating: 8.5kW
• Minimum running pressure: 0.9 bar at 8 litres per minute.
• Maximum running pressure: 10 bar at 8 litres per minute.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.