10 Numatic Henry Hetty James Filter FLO Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Bags

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Product Description:

10 x Bags For Numatic Henry Hetty James Filter FLO Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Bags

Compatible Numatic microfibre vacuum cleaner dust bags

5 Layer filtration microfibre dust bags

Plastic collar for secure seal to minimise dust escape

Pack of 10

Type: NVM-1CH

Equivalent to genuine part number: 907075 replaces 604015

These bags fit many models including Harry, Henry, Hetty, James, Basil and also the commercial machines

Fits the following models

HENRY HVR200, HENRY HVR200-22, Henry Compact HVR160, Henry Cordless HVB160, Henry Micro HVR200M, Henry Micro HVR200M-22, Henry Plus HVR200P, Henry Turbo HVR200T, Henry Turbocare HVR204T, NNV200, NQS250, NRV200, NRV200-22, NRV200T, NRV204, NSQ250, NV200, NV225, NV250, NV350, NVH180, NVH200, NVP180, NVP200, NVQ200, NVQ250, NVQ254, NVQ370T, NVR200, Henry Professional HVR240, Henry Xtra, HVX200

Hetty Compact HET160, Hetty Cordless HEB160 - 2 Battery, HET200, HET200-22

HHR200, HV2000, HVC200, HVR200, HVR204

JVP180, JV200, JVC225, JVC235, JVH180

All others
202, AS100G, AS100R PLUS, AS200, AS200B, BASIL, BASIL NB200, DAVID, EDWARD EVR370, NQS250B, RSAV130, RSV130, RSV130T, RSV134, RSV200, RSV204, SE250

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

Did you check your OEM part number?
Specific models stated in the listing are potential matches only and NOT a guarantee of compatibility. Even if two pieces of equipment share the same year/make/model, they can and often do have different part numbers.

The only way to ensure the correct replacement part is with the OEM part number. You are responsible for verifying the OEM part number. If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best we can.