D42X 3 Tag Microswitch for Bosch Dishwasher 3A125-250VAC 1/10HP

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Product Description:

D42x Microswitch for Bosch Dishwasher (3A125-250VAC, 1/10HP 250VAC)

Premium quality compatible replacement microswitch for your Bosch dishwasher.

3A125-250VAC, 1/10HP 250VAC

Fits models:


S5457X0GB, SE64E330GB, SGD45E05EU, SGD45E15EU, SGD45M02II, SGD45M06II, SGD45M08II, SGD45M22EU, SGD47M06II, SGD55E02CH, SGD55E02EU, SGD55E04EU, SGD55E05EU, SGD55E12EU, SGD55E14EU, SGD55M02EU, SGD55M04EU, SGD55M05EU, SGD58M02EU, SGD58M04EU, SGD69T05EU, SGD84M32, SGD84M34, SGD85E02AU, SGD85M32, SGD85M34, SGE0905, SGE0915, SGE0925, SGE0935, SGE09A05, SGE09A15, SGE09A15GB, SGE09A25GB, SGG3305EU, SGI09T05EU, SGI09T15EU, SGI09T25EU, SGI3000, SGI3000GB, SGI3002, SGI3002GB, SGI3002TC, SGI3004, SGI3005, SGI3005GB, SGI3005TC, SGI3006, SGI3006GB, SGI3009EU, SGI3010GB, SGI3012GB, SGI30A02GB, SGI30A05GB, SGI30A06GB, SGI30E05EU, SGI3300, SGI3300GB, SGI3302, SGI3302GB, SGI3305, SGI3305GB, SGI3306, SGI3310, SGI3310GB, SGI3312GB, SGI3314, SGI3315GB, SGI3316GB, SGI33A02, SGI33A04, SGI33A05, SGI33A12, SGI33A14, SGI33A15, SGI33A16, SGI33E02EU, SGI33E04EU, SGI33E05EU, SGI33E05TR, SGI33E12EU, SGI33E14EU, SGI33E15EU, SGI33E22EU, SGI33E24EU, SGI33E25AU, SGI33E25EU, SGI33E35EU, SGI33E45EU, SGI43A12EU, SGI43A16EU, SGI43A25AU, SGI43A25GB, SGI43A26GB, SGI43A32, SGI43A35, SGI43A36, SGI43A45, SGI43A46, SGI43A65, SGI43A72GB, SGI43A75GB, SGI43A76GB, SGI43E02GB, SGI43E05EU, SGI43E05GB, SGI43E06GB, SGI43E12TC, SGI43E15EU, SGI43E15TC, SGI43E17EU, SGI43E22TC, SGI43E25AU, SGI43E25EU, SGI43E45EU, SGI45E05EU, SGI45E05SA, SGI45E12GB, SGI45E12UK, SGI45E15EU, SGI45E15GB, SGI45E15UK, SGI45E16GB, SGI45E16UK, SGI45E25EU, SGI45M02EU, SGI45M05EU, SGI45M15EU, SGI45M22EU, SGI45M25EU, SGI45M45EP, SGI45M45EU, SGI45M55GB, SGI45M64EU, SGI45M72EU, SGI45M74EU, SGI45N05EU, SGI45N15EU, SGI45N25EU, SGI4656, SGI4660, SGI4662, SGI4662EU, SGI4665, SGI4665EU, SGI4666, SGI4666EU, SGI4690, SGI4692, SGI4692EU, SGI4695, SGI4695EU, SGI4696, SGI4696EU, SGI4697, SGI46A02EU, SGI46A05EU, SGI46A06EU, SGI46A52EU, SGI46A54, SGI46A56, SGI46A56EU, SGI46A57, SGI46A57EU, SGI46E05EU, SGI46E25EU, SGI46E35EU, SGI46E42EU, SGI46E45EU, SGI46E46EU, SGI46M42EU, SGI46M45EU, SGI46M46EU, SGI46M55EU, SGI46M65EU, SGI46M65GB, SGI46M95EU, 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SGU53E92SK, SGU53E98SK, SGU54E02SK, SGU54E08SK, SGU55E02SK, SGU55E08SK, SGU55E12SK, SGU55E15AU, SGU55E15EU, SGU55E18SK, SGU55E22SK, SGU55E28SK, SGU55E32SK, SGU55E38SK, SGU55E42SK, SGU55E48SK, SGU55E52SK, SGU55E55SK, SGU55M27SK, SGU55M32EU, SGU55M34EU, SGU55M35EU, SGU55M42SK, SGU55M44EU, SGU5612SK, SGU5622DK, SGU5622SK, SGU5632DK, SGU5652DK, SGU5662SK, SGU5672SK, SGU57M02EU, SGU57M04EU, SGU57M05EU, SGU57M75EU, SGU59A02SK, SGU59A16II, SGU59T03EU, SGU6302DK, SGU65T02SK, SGU65T05SK, SGU65T12SK, SGU65T15SK, SGU6602DK, SGU67T02EU, SGU67T04EU, SGU67T05EU, SGU67T05TC, SGU67T15AU, SGU6902, SGU6902EU, SGU6902TC, SGU6912DK, SGU6922DK, SGU6932SK, SGU69A02SK, SGU69A05SK, SGU69A12, SGU69A14, SGU69A15, SGU69A22AU, SGU69A25AU, SGU69T05EU, SGU69T12SK, SGU69T15AU, SGU69T15SK, SGU8424, SGU8454, SGU84A02, SGU84A04, SGU84A05, SGU84A12, SGU84A14, SGU84A15, SGU84A22, SGU84A24, SGU84A25, SGU84A35EU, SGU84A42, SGU84A44, SGU84A45, SGU84E15, SGU84M02, SGU84M04, SGU84M05, SGU84M05EU, SGU84M12, SGU84M14, SGU84M15, SGU84M22, SGU84M24, SGU84M25, SGU84M35, SGU84M45, SGU85M12, SGU85M14, SGU85M15, SGU85M15EU, SGU85M25EU, SGU85M35

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure this is the correct part for their unit.

Did you check your OEM Part Number?
Specific models stated in the listing are potential matches only and NOT a guarantee of compatibility. Even if two pieces of equipment share the same year/make/model, they can and often do have different part numbers.

The only way to ensure the correct replacement part is with the OEM part number. You are responsible for verifying the OEM part number. If you are unsure or need assistance, you can call us or send us a message and we will be happy to assist you the best best we can.